Gospel Clement popularly known by his stage name (Gp Clement, Gpstrokes). is a Nigerian drummer, musician, business man and most of all a God lover.  

(born on Nov, 28 1991). He started playing drums from a very young age since from his primary school days he is the last born of Five, he was born and raise by his parents in Woji, Rivers State, Nigeria. He attended CITA HIGH were he gained his JSSCE and his SSCE, and later gained admission into River State Polytheistic were he did Banking and Finance and graduated. 

Gospel Clement has worked with several artists in Nigeria,  namely; Afy Douglas, mercy Chinwo, Asu Ekiye, Preye Odede, pastor Abraham, Obi Shine, Ebiere, Ibiso,  JoePraise, etc.

An Interview With Gospel Clement.

(Abraham Wisdom Ayebanimi)
Tell us your story sir, how did you became one of the best drummer in port-hacourt Rivers State ?

(Gospel Clement)

Well,  all I will say is all about GRACE not saying others didnt have it.  Even God says in His word “I will bless who I want to bless” ,  so it’s His choice.  Also before now I prayed for humility may be that’s why I became famous and He said again “I will increase the humble and decrease the proud”.  So what ever a person does he/she needs humility.

(Abraham Wisdom Ayebanimi)

Sir as a young drummer and a musician what were the challenges you faced in your music Carrier ?

(Gospel Clement)

In your place of profession not every body will like what you do and how you did it.  Sometimes i will be invited to an event but some person that don’t like me will try to scatter it, and unfortunately i will be disappointed. But in all i still press on,  not giving up,  challenges makes me  more stronger, and I also learn through it.

(Abraham Wisdom Ayebanimi)
Tell us sir what will be your final word of encouragement to young drummers out there most especially your Fan’s?

(Gospel Clement)

1. Humility.                                                 2. Respect.                                                   3. Heart of worship.                                 4. Rehearsal 

God exalt the humble, One need to respect his/her superior in the ministry For your worship or praise to be acceptable, you need to have a heart of  worship,  worshipping God in spirit and in truth.  The place of rehearsals should not be Joked with.  Also prayer and studying should be taking serious.



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